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Ask yourself this - DYI? No, this is not a spelling error it’s a straightforward question - DO YOU INNOVATE?

Xpert Innovation will turn DYI into productive and cost effective DIY... We will come and teach you, your workforce or student entrepreneurs how to innovate via our Do Innovation Yourself one or two day workshops. Suitable for businesses from the very small to the very large and even groups of students, interns or SME's who wish to share the cost, our unique skills and experience will lead to DIY innovation that will impact immediately on your business. Our DIY workshops are all devised on an individual and bespoke level, but we do offer a range of innovation training for your business including:

  • 2 day innovation growth and creativity workshop
  • Proposition and business blueprinting days
  • Running the perfect ideation day or sessions
  • Impact Days - tools and techniques for creative problem solving and building a pipeline
These are some comments from some of the people who have been on our Do Innovation Yourself (DIY) workshops:

"Being in the comms business and also a lecturer, I found the two days really inspiring"

"I have learned so much that I can integrate into my business, but also a great deal that I can pass on to the next generation of innovators within my workforce."

"Wow! These guys really know their stuff. I cannot begin to tell you how much I came away with as far as new knowledge and inspiration goes. It has been said that there is method in madness; to begin with you might feel that there is a little madness in Xpert's methods, then as the day goes on it becomes very clear what they are trying to achieve and how differently and creatively they're getting you to think."

"You would have to be crazy not deploy the lessons they teach. Nothing short of astounding!"

Newcastle Science City innovation workshop
Our brief from Newcastle Science City was to create, manage, run and market a two-day Innovation and marketing workshop in Dec 2011. With only four weeks from brief to event the Xpert Innovation Team created:
  • A programme to generate new ideas, products, services and markets for 40 SMEs
  • Helped attendees to develop innovation and marketing strategies for their business
  • The workshop was so well received we were asked to hold another similar event in 2012 and have since carried out many similar workshops all over the UK and Middle East
Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce
Our brief was to take a selection of local SME’s and through our unique innovation workshops teach them our unique innovation process. Xpert’s Innovation Team devised a wholly bespoke one day workshop to show participants how to map customer needs, build and portray brand messages, brainstorm, gain insight into idea generation, brand activation and to create one big marketing idea that crosses all platforms.
  • Created a cross industry highly unique workshop for the UK’s most highly respected commerce network
  • Attendees feedback gave us an overall vote of 9/10 for usefulness and productivity
  • Xpert Innovation has since rolled out a series of unique workshops across the entire country
Caterpillar licensee, Zahid Group (Saudi Arabia)
Our brief for this CAT franchisee of some 60 years standing was to teach their marketing team how to innovate. The Xpert Innovation Team devised a bespoke three day creative thinking and brand innovation workshop.
  • Sessions included: How to develop new concepts, market propositions, brand extensions, innovation planning & digital audits
  • Stimulus created & used: live marketing briefs, consumer insights, industry trends, insider information and interviews, expert speakers
  • Result: The team helped develop a full creative marketing plan, 10 new product ideas and showed the marketing team how to test these with core customers.