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3D lab

Our process is simple, yet highly effective: we combine our own Xperts, creatives, tech team and planners with external experts, industry insiders and consumer groups that span every business category and sector, bringing genuine insights and a vision that future proofs our clients' businesses.

Insights & Thinking Insights drive everything we do. We've helped get under the skin of consumer generations from the 1960's Baby Boomers to present day Generation Y and the Digital Natives. We have created myriad insights that are currently driving everything from global luxury fashion brands to supermarket own labels, philanthropic healthy eating brands to change in the Middle East.

Brand Innovation We have developed product and brand propositions across many business sectors, including: leading food manufacturers; supermarkets and retail giants; tech and telecom brands; high-end super yacht builders and international luxury brands. We have also built bespoke service solutions & business models for not-for-profit groups, charities and international NGOs.

Innovation Strategy Innovation by definition cannot remain static. Our innovation strategy is constantly changing and growing, evolving and shape-shifting, just as are our clients' businesses and consumer needs. One thing remains as a constant however - innovation must be truly disruptive and always breaking new ground, forging lucrative pathways into new arenas, sectors and consumer groups.

Disruptive Innovation We created a multi-award winning, game changing app and software that is currently changing the face of the freelance recruitment and HR departments. Other disruptive innovation include: technology events that impacted positively on global health, tech invention involving female Saudi innovators and training young male and female entrepreneurs in Middle Eastern regions and across the UK, ensuring the future of innovation remains disruptive, inventive and ingenious.

TABS - Remove SMAP
After a visit to the We Are Xpert innovation lab in Belgrade the innovation team and the tech team set themselves a challenge - to invent a highly disruptive piece of technology that could be utilised across every business sector. After hundreds of hours of insight gathering and much creative technological wizardry tabs(R) was born. Incubated in Global iLabs - the sister company of WAX - and invested in widely by both WAX and angel investors, this disruptive piece of technological innovation is currently re-shaping the recruitment and HR environment across many industry sectors.

Nursing 2000: Smartphone Tech development
This leading nursing recruitment agency approached We Are Xpert with a challenge - to invent a new mobile app and portal that would entirely negate the need for paper, taking their operations wholly into the digital space. Via a series of innovation and technological workshops, concept testing and ongoing support the WAX innovation lab have created a solution that has transformed Nursing 2000's operations, reducing man hours and cost by as much as 30%.

Dunkin Donuts
The global donut giants asked We Are Xpert to drive footfall in stores across the south-east region of England. Through ideation and innovation workshops and deep insight gathering we devised several methodologies to further garner and increase consumer awareness. New strategic partnerships have been formed globally, facilitated by our in-house team and their myriad connections.
Blue Explorers
The Spanish arm of We Are Xpert was approached to create a new diving and boutique hotel concept on the island of Gran Canaria. From architectural concepts to brand creation, 3D renders to new website and messaging, the hotel is all set to launch at the upper end of the tourism and diving markets in 2017.

Taylors of Harrogate
With coffee stealing a march on traditional British tea drinking it was time to take action. Approached by this leading tea brand We Are Xpert created a bespoke innovation and ideation day aimed at getting young people to drink tea. Of late tea drinking is seeing a resurgence in popularity, something the tea-loving WAX team are keen to join in with.

Maiyango Hotel
Already an established boutique destination in the Midlands and the growing tech-centre of Leicester, Maiyango's owners asked We Are Xpert to devise several new business areas the brand could diversify into. With the aim of future-proofing as well as growing the brand into new exciting sectors, the We Are Xpert team created a series of bespoke workshops that in turn created new products, services and event opportunities for the brand.
90 Ten
This leading London-based pharma PR company are one of Xpert's strategic partners. To date we have provided a plethora of creative innovation services and events, both by working directly with 90ten's impressive client list and as a white label service to the company directors, helping them both successfully pitch to new clients and retain current ones.

RVS Brand Innovation
This well respected charity retained We Are Xpert services from the inception of their new retail and food service. With over 165 stores and cafes across UK-wide NHS sites, RVS needed to innovate their entire offering to meet and even exceed newly issued government health guidelines. Via a program of innovation, ideation and product, brand and packaging NPD workshops and ongoing support the new brand, Revitalise was devised, designed, created and activated.

PI super Yachts
We were retained to re-brand this innovative super-yacht business, which offers a totally unique sailing experience. Aimed at attracting a global audience of high-net worth individuals We Are Xpert created new branding, website - complete with 3D renders and films - brochures and high-end merchandising.

MiSk Innovation Training
As part of the prize bundle of the MiSk Foundation hackathon, the hackathon winners will be trained and mentored by the multi-award winning innovation team at We Are Xpert, in both the UK and Saudi Arabia. Training will include: innovation product blue-printing; business strategy; branding and marketing. Joint working with the event sponsors from world leading technological companies and the MiSk Foundation, will ensure that the health invention goes to market, not only transforming the lives and careers of the young male and female inventors, but also impacting positively on global health.

Blue Skies
Sparking fresh ideas for an ethical fresh fruit company
Our brief was to create a twelve month innovation pipeline bursting with breakthrough ideas for this leading prepared fresh fruit company. The Xpert Innovation Team via our unique Freshly Squeezed ideation process created just that!.
  • The session generated over 75 new ideas overall
  • Xpert then filtered these down and built 15 new complete propositions for the client
Famous Grouse
Creating a new brand language and messages for a new liquid innovation
Our brief wans to run a freshly squeezed session to identify and help develop the messages and language for its new drink ‘Ginger Grouse. In addition to this, we feel it would be synergistic to combine creative thoughts on appellation to the initiative’s ‘seeding & nurturing’ strategy (as the 2 are inevitably intrinsically linked). During the session the teams came up with a whole raft of new and refreshing messages and a brand personalities outlines for the son of Famous Grouse

Newcastle Science City innovation workshop
Our brief from Newcastle Science City was to create, manage, run and market a two-day Innovation and marketing workshop in Dec 2011. With only four weeks from brief to event the Xpert Innovation Team created:
  • A programme to generate new ideas, products, services and markets for 40 SMEs
  • Helped attendees to develop innovation and marketing strategies for their business
  • The workshop was so well received we were asked to hold another similar event in 2012 and have since carried out many similar workshops all over the UK and Middle East
The People’s Supermarket
Our brief was to devise an innovation programme to help develop new ideas, businesses and product concepts for the country’s best known social enterprise, made famous by the Channel 4 series. Xpert’s Innovation Team devised:
  • TPS has since won a multitude of awards including the Most Innovative Company in Europe by SMART and were awarded the Most Innovative Retailer award presented by the international retail consortium
  • The Peoples Supermarket continues to gain support across the country with Xpert helping the brand to grow and flourish
Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce
Our brief was to take a selection of local SME’s and through our unique innovation workshops teach them our unique innovation process. Xpert’s Innovation Team devised a wholly bespoke one day workshop to show participants how to map customer needs, build and portray brand messages, brainstorm, gain insight into idea generation, brand activation and to create one big marketing idea that crosses all platforms.
  • Created a cross industry highly unique workshop for the UK’s most highly respected commerce network
  • Attendees feedback gave us an overall vote of 9/10 for usefulness and productivity
  • Xpert Innovation has since rolled out a series of unique workshops across the entire country
Caterpillar licensee, Zahid Group (Saudi Arabia)
Our brief for this CAT franchisee of some 60 years standing was to teach their marketing team how to innovate. The Xpert Innovation Team devised a bespoke three day creative thinking and brand innovation workshop.
  • Sessions included: How to develop new concepts, market propositions, brand extensions, innovation planning & digital audits
  • Stimulus created & used: live marketing briefs, consumer insights, industry trends, insider information and interviews, expert speakers
  • Result: The team helped develop a full creative marketing plan, 10 new product ideas and showed the marketing team how to test these with core customers.
Hello Kitty (Pynkiss) - an Xpert concept to market project
Our brief was to innovate and activate an entirely new high-end fashion brand for the world’s leading licensed brand, Hello Kitty, a character currently worth in excess of $6 billion USD. Xpert undertook a fully integrated approach to this project by:
  • Using our unique innovation process we devised all digital, branding, activation events and shopper experience across a global platform
  • The Pynkiss World site was built using 3D depth perspective coding and moves with the viewer’s perspective and interaction
  • Social media was fully utilised by harnessing the voice of Hello Kitty herself, as well as her friends and family. Via this methodology we communicated key brand messages, news and product images to a global audience in a unique and engaging manner
  • Activated the new brand with a catwalk show at one of the world’s most prestigious fashion events - Milan Fashion Week
  • Coverage has been achieved in some of the fashion world’s most famous and respected names such as Elle, Vogue and Cosmopolitan
  • Result: over 40 stores have now opened in 6 continents around the globe
Our brief was to take LexisNexis, already the market leaders in legal and public records related information, and within just 4 weeks to develop an in-house innovation process for their global pipeline. The Xpert Innovation Team, via our one day ‘Freshly Squeezed’ unique process across client and agency devised an inspiring, effective and fully fit for purpose digital innovation platform that can be used across the entire globe.
  • We inspired employees to reveal their creative innovation skills and engage in a process that was previously under utilised
  • Xpert’s input and the innovation platform have created a open ‘no idea too big or too small’ culture within LexisNexis
  • This global business continues to use this platform today to create new products and services for their clients
Action on Hearing Loss

The creation of the new technologically advanced retail concepts

Our brief was to create a highly specialised high end and technologically advanced retail offering in one of Lon- don’s most prestigious shopping districts. The Xpert Innovation Team undertook a series of retail concept work- shops to devise the brand, store design and layout, clinical and sales services, while the Creation Team conceptu- alised the store via state-of-the-art 3D renderings
  • Xpert is still involved in this process and will be further developing the concept and business plan, so our lips are sealed.... for now!
Lumi creation, strategy, NPD & GTM strategy - an Xpert concept to market project
Our brief was to help this new lighting company to create their brand, digital presence, eCommerce site, innovate new products, devise their marketing and activation strategy and then take them to the international market. Xpert took a multi-team approach to this detailed project. The Xpert Innovation Team kick-started the process by:
  • Devising and facilitating a brand strategy and naming workshop
  • Developed 4 core names and propositions
  • Tested them with 3 target audiences
The Creation Team then:
  • Defined the vision, mission, brand ethos and the brand essence of the Lumi brand
  • Created all visuals such as brand architecture and visual ID
The Activation Team:
  • Completed the process with a 12 month fully integrated marketing, activation, social media, digital, trade and consumer communications strategy, including seeding plans and creative (ATL & BTL, Retail POS and packaging).
  • Our Activation Team are currently finalising the launch of this new to market high-end lighting brand… watch this space you won’t be able to miss us!
Exciting new games and technology platforms for the future

Our brief was to run a freshly squeezed session to identify and help develop a raft of new game and technology ideas for the National Lottery , the session included brining along some tech experts to give us added insight during the ideation and creating interesting stimulus to further add to the excitement of the session, the teams produced over 50 new and fresh ideas

Pynkiss store
The Xpert activation team were briefed to create a unique store launch concept for the Pynkiss Store launches around the world. The concept had to fit with the brand promise of “Shoppertainment” the team used a global style ambassador who has worked with leading global celebrities to attract the media attention.

We have created a bespoke live twitter and SMS feed screen so the wider public can engage with the brand via social media and mobile. Each store will have its own opening party which includes mini manicures for the kids, styling sessions & branded cupcakes. There will be a chance to enter a prize draw for a piece of exclusive Hello Kitty jewellery. Data captured at the events will be feed into the central CRM for the brand and customers who will get monthly updates and any promotional or special offers

Pynkiss E-Commerce
Currently under development, this E store will blend Flash front end with a rock solid HTML/JQuery backend, and will sell the entire range of Pynkiss clothing directly to consumers from around the world. Come back soon to see more...

Helping keep innovation fresh throughout the Bakkavor Group business

Xperts innovation and creation teams have been helping this leading Private Label food manufacturer keep ahead of the food innovation curve. Over the past 18 months we have delivered over 15 innovation projects across the businesses and categories from ideation days to innovation blueprinting and concept development

October House
Re-branding and positioning a Savile Row inspired and celebrity endorsed English tailoring brand
Our brief was to re-brand and position a high end British tailor to increase their customer reach and sales for their bespoke tailoring offering. The Xpert Innovation Team set to work, initially innovating an entirely new and unrivalled gentlemen’s experience for their more discerning and well heeled customer, while the Xpert Creation Team devised a new insignia identity and repositioned the brand, tone of voice, pillars, vision and mission.
  • Xpert created a brand new concept in male grooming
  • Elevated the brand to a whole new ABC1 clientele
  • Enabled the brand to grow into more prestigious regions of the UK
Instructus Group
Develop new business propositions and NPD blueprints for a leading not-for-profit group The xpert team was briefed to help this non-for-profit group build an innovation culture in the business and also develop a four year innovation pipeline. The team hosting an ideas and proportions day with the Instructus team and worked up 13 big ideas, we filtered and collapsed them into 6 huge new business ideas. The worked up NPD and delivery plans based on a new NPD process the Xpert team created for the business and pipelined them over the next 4 years.

Solidarnosc Vodka Xcess
Developing a new super premium vodka brand for the Chinese market

We worked on product development of a new vodka brand from its early stages of idea conception, developing the brand & product positioning, strategy and the visual look and feel. Our first hurdle was defining our core target market, get a deep understanding of the drinks market in China. We gathered our insight to ensure that we started on the right foot with a brand name and imagery that fitted perfectly.

We went on to develop the first 1.5 litre super premium vodka and create an entirely new category. When we launched the brand in China we it sent straight to the number 1 in VIP club bottle sales in less than 3 months.

Xpert Tech Teams invents a game changing recruitment App
SMAPP stands for Shift Management Application, and it’s a totally new way to reduce the time and paperwork needed when using employees on temporary contracts: it’s a smart phone app and a web portal, as well as an invoice and payment application. Simply put, it’s an entire accounting department with no paper.

There are different elements to SMAPP, but essentially it works by creating a network of communication between the employees, the clients of the recruitment agency, and the recruitment agency themselves, as well as payment systems like BACS. The form that this communication takes varies: timesheets, shift alerts, calendar updates and documents all flow between the different parties using the SMAPP mainframe. Mobile applications and a web portal make up the SMAPP network.