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3D lab

Xpert 3D Labs offer the finest in all manner of 3D-based work: from interior and exterior architectural renders through to full-blown 3D animations at cinematic quality, Xpert's team of artists will make your vision come to life in photo-realistic quality.

Yacht interior design - 'Cakewalk'

The $119m Cakewalk is in need of a refit, and so Xpert worked with naval interior designers to develop a workable solution in breakneck speed. The original joinery was adapted and refitted in a modern style and premium pieces of modern furniture added throughout the three rooms in question. Chrome trims and other details were added in the final phase of production. The result? An ultra-high quality set of images that will entice and enthral potential buyers.

Luxury Monaco Property Development

Xpert's 3D team were commissioned to produce a set of ultra-high quality renders for a residential development in Monaco. After lengthy consultations with architects and interior designers, a set of 3D renders was produced that perfectly represent the luxury and refined housing before construction has begun, and they work excellently with potential buyers and investors alike.

The Choux Shop

Just a small part of Xpert's 'concept to market' Choux Shop project - 3D renders of initial store designs were made to illustrate how potential retail units might appear. The level of detail astounded the client, who were impressed at the speed and quality of the images produced.

Interiors for beach-side housing development

A set of interior design concepts for a high-end beach side housing project were designed and executed by Xpert. The clarity of the light needed particular attention - every image is bathed in natural sunlight. The residential units went on to sell admirably, in no small part thanks to Xpert's 3D renders.

Selection of car animation clips

Produced for various different clients and purposes, the reel alongside demonstrates some of Xpert's capabilities in terms of modelling and animating vehicles in different settings and for different purposes. Clients serviced include Lexus and Toyota, as well as various games and commercials.

Coca Cola concept animation

When Coca Cola wanted to illustrate a new pack concept, they knew they needn't go further that Xpert. With a rich history of innovation, Xpert were key in modelling and animating the concept in action. Though never deployed, the short film perfectly demonstrates the broad reach and adapability of the 3D labs team.

Austrian Luxury Housing Development

An ultra-luxury development situated in the leafy outskirts of Vienna, Xpert worked for many months in bringing the ambitious concepts to life. No expense was spared in bringing the architect's opulent vision to life - even the garages were stocked with the very best in 3D modelled cars. The apartments are already on pre-sale for seven figure sums, and are expected to sell out quickly.